#TECH CivicWise Infrastructure & Platform


Topic to discuss initial drafting of current and future infrastructure/platform

#VALUES | Definition, debate, selection

Interesting contribution from @sitoVeracruz:

I will review the engine platform behind ideo. that sounds interesting, to better understand it and Open Ideo.


for all just a quick drawing made much time ago.

Please consider that was a quick draft/sketch and therefore it does not include recent discussion, nor it is complete or proper (i.e. connectors, layers and completeness of items etc etc).

This is neither a vision of the platform (i.e. if the platform would have been designed from scratch) but more a selected components set that fit the bill and the current needs (being also opensource).

Nevertheless can be interesting to visualize the components we mostly have already or can have quickly.


Hi, this is my first message to the forum, and it’s about my sign-up experience.
I don’t know if this is the right spot to bring this up, but I just went though the sign-up experience and I think it can be improved.

  1. Mails arrive from discourse.levm.eu instead of the civicwise domain. And link lead you to levm.eu also.
  2. levm.eu has the same content as www.martasmaldone.com which is quite odd.
  3. Everything in this forum is in English, and I recognize this as the lingua-franca of the internet, but since it seems CivicWise has global aims, maybe having language-specific forums and multi-lingual interfaces and welcome messages might become a necessity at some point.

I don’t intend to incommodate anyone, just to point out what might seem confusing for a newcomer.

I’ll be around.

#GOVERNANCE | Tasks, time accounting, categories

I participated in the Knight Foundation’s NewsChallenge, which uses OI Engine as a web platform and I think it’s preety neat in terms of the user experience. I don’t know how much the workflow can be customized, since in the case of NewsChallenge there is a group of reviewers and a closed review process that happens without public participation and the reviewers are not accountable for their opinions (I think they are not, but let’s see next week, after they announce the winners of the first stage). This process is a bit different of what I think CivicWise should encourage, but maybe the platform is flexible enough.


Ciao @martinszy,

thanks for your feedback and no incomodation :-P.

To clarify today there is no user life cycle design/management.
What you just joined is the early stage of a community starting.
To clarify the domain issue, the installed service was originally setup in another domain (that indeed serve several other websites) and need to be adapted into the config of current one (will be done soon).

For the language well this belong to a different topic, and I invite you to address it more in the #general category (I guess you can even create a topic on this).


levm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello @SitoVeracruz, thanks for your contribution! I think the Open Ideo is good reference, but I think we are developing something more ambitious, and we are doing it openly and collaboratively. Of course the web platform is important but shouldn’t be the starting point. I think the starting point is the community and the discussion, like this one! I think this Discourse platform is a very important starting point. I mean all the exchanges and discussion we can have here is bringing knowledge and practice for the community to get used with codesign process.
BTW @levm thanks for quotes this text from @SitoVeracruz


Hello, has there been progress on the development of an online platform that implements the civicwise design method?


Hello @martinszy! Lately we focused on the Governance Model first and later on the Glocal Camp organization. We don’t have a lot of news about the implementation of the online platform. However during the Glocal Camp we will be working on the creation of a Civic Tech Research Group. We will tell more about here right here on the forum.