Visualize Civicwise's community in the website


In the last session we talked about how to visualize and explain the community behind Civicwise in the website.

We still don’t have an answer of course :slight_smile: But we think that to collect data about ourselves is a good idea and a good material to work with to produce a visualization of the community. That’s why we want to implement a form in civicwise website to collect this data in a simple and collaborative way.

We’re thinking the “must be” fields for that form. Here the list for the moment:

  • First name, last name
  • Surname
  • Bio
  • Photo
  • City and country
  • Social network profiles
  • website
  • Email address
  • Date of entrance in Civicwise
  • Civicwise circles
  • Civicwise Labs
  • Projects as coordinator
  • Projects as collaborator
  • Projects as participants

If you have any fields to include, please reply to this topic.


GREAT @skotperez

I think is very complete :+1: most of all regarding that is a first draft. :clap:
I suggest to go for it, develop it and try to start to collect data from all the wisers on our network. :wink: