Welcome Board Beta and test


Hello everybody!
Here the first draft of the welcome board, we developed it during the glocal camp and now is time to test it.
We were: Daniele, Nicolas, Ottavia, Valeria, Artemi, Teresa, Matthew, Ester.

Here the folder with the text and the video to explain better the concepts behind the tool.


For now let us know if the information architecture is ok for you.

We also would like to use an opensource tool, but we don’t know if there is any with the same functions of trello, @skotperez help us :slight_smile:


Looks great @Daniele_Bucci, I admit I was not so convinced myself (so many different tools to learn) but I know it can be a powerful tool.

Maybe at Let’s start we can add the challenge for the first days (21? 25? 30?) with very simple tasks such as registering, introduce yourself, etc? Let me know if I can be useful in any way.

Great job!


Well done Daniele ! Very clear.
The only suggestion I have would be to split out Organisation into Community (network, circles, Glocal …) + 4 Working areas (or another similar title) which would include the 4 areas Labs + Academy+ Civic Spaces + Tools.
About an open source Trello I will ask to a friend who might know.
Felice verano !!


great job guys!
I think after the report of GC we can implemente very well the contents of easch slide of this trello board and connect it with the work done by @pascualpg @skotperez @artemi_fasebase and @Pinfairo about the web site.
Congratulation again!


i will try to work on the contents (in the italian version) this week, then if anyone could help me to translate we can start the real test on the newbies :smiley: