What's #CivicEconomy?


What’s Civic Economy?

Either as civic designers, civic engangers or as local community members is interesting reflect about the sustainability of our civic actions, spaces and processes. In this sense, I want to open, and drive, this new topic sharing with all of you my reflections, findings and insights about how is emerging the Civic Economy.

From my point of view, and as a brief introduction, Civic Economy is a value system (production, distribution, trade, and consumption of goods and services both material and intangible) to the service of civic action and civic innovation developed by a local community regarding its territorial structure of resources (both locally than globally). Something like generate a business model for Civic Engagement processes that runs in a adaptative way in function of the needs and goals that pursue each community.

Civic Economy runs as a methodological approach that combine some elements of the new economic paradigms and models: economy for the Common Good, circular economy, collaborative consumption, care economy, gift economy, the meaning economy, local currency, bank time; etc…; to service Civic Engagement of local communities through merging its glocal relationships (communities situated and connected at the same time) with its integral performance (from individual life-intentions to systemic sustainability) in a holistic way.

Civic Economy operates from a Civic Engagement and develops as a complex venture system that encourages collaboration yielding a self-gobernance model and focus in a common goal, leaning in a businesses transectorial jam and fostering convergence between public, private and commons realms.


@adolfochauton I share your point of view and arguments. For me this is a very important topic to assure the recognized value of the Civic Projects and its actors, defending their sustainability, continuity and development.