Why we should start to build Historic of CW


While we were preparing a document about Governance with @Archivox_MBerri for #lc_paris and start a Worshop about it with @pascual_pg we’ve discovered the huge work made during nearly two years by all the community on this theme and others too.

From the discussion on CivicWise Discourse to google doc and Slack, we check everything. In fact, it was as interesting to see changes of the documents in google doc than read the final documents : questions, doubts, answers, etc. I think that every Wisers have got those questions at a moment : for what, for who, how, what is CW Community, governance etc.

We should never forget that some Wisers already thought about it and advanced Civiwise where it is today, that is to say this Sunday 28th August. This is CivicWise Community. This is the spirit.

But above all, for all wisers that are in the community and those who will join us in the future, we think it’s important to create an history topics, their conclusion, may be questioned it again and especially name the people who participated in the previous debates. May be we should even inform them about the evolution of reflection. Of course, some of us are there from the beginning and always very activ today as our carer @Fausto or of course, our Bus Driver : @urbanohumano

A last thought, after that of Giorgio Agambien, is that if we want to be contemporary of Civicwise and therefore produce at the same time that our community so we also need to look to its archaic, be closer to his Arkè that is to say its origin. Simply being in the present time does not allow this setback

For all community, wisers that are working, are going to work or can’t anymore , let’s build together CW’s memory. What do you think about it?


I think it’s simply awesome idea! Let’s do it! It’s very very important. Form history is also useful to be always situated and located.


I think it is a great idea. It can be done parallel to the work we are doing now for COMMUNICATION and it would be easier to build protocols and processes for internal and external exchange of information and, most of all, will be very healthy for the network of relation that we have and we will have, as you correctly say.
I don’t think it is a problem if it starts from a local circle , like the Paris one, because we simply are situated and located, so every action will reflect this als if it is something that belongs to the whole community.
Let’s do it!